Meet our entrepreneurs!

Meet our testimonials and discover in which point of entrepreneurship they are in their business, learn from their experience and know all their advices to start your business!

Paolo Ruso - CRHACKLAB FOLIGNO 4D Founder

Paolo is the founder of the CRHACKLAB FOLIGNO 4D, an association that aims to help young people develop an "addiction to innovative thinking" and to acquire a conscious digital practical culture. The final objective is to prepare youngsters for the new jobs that will arise in the next decade.

Katerina Athienitou - Founder of Apochrosis

Katerina studied the conservation of antiquities & artifacts, and she recently finished her master’s in business administration (MBA). The Apochrosis company provides products and services for museums and cultural organizations and institutions. Her cooperation with the Cyprus Handicraft Center and the Department of Antiquities of Cyprus gives her the opportunity to show people what she loves to create!

Carla Cabello - Cresory

Carla Cabello is an industrial engineer. She is Venezuelan and has been living in Spain for more than 10 years. She is the CEO and founder of Cresory: a company that, using an e-learning programme, teaches finance to children so that they learn to value money, save and invest, in a way that they have fun learning.

Aureen - Freelancer

Aureen is a passionate motion and info graphic designer. In this video she explains what her personal obstacles and hurdles were, when she started to build something on her own. She's very aware the the times and technologies changes very quick and you need to be up-to-date if you want to achieve your goals. It is also very important to support women, youth and migrants, to be entrepreneurs.

Mohamed - Founder of a health app

Mohamed fled from Iraq to Austria. A new start in a new country is difficult, but Mohamed has a vision. He is in the process of programming a unique health app. Programming for him is easy, but it also requires various digital skills to promote the whole thing, visualize the ideas, create financial plans, and everything else an entrepreneur needs.

Vanessa Roque - Owner of Glocal Ericeira

Vanessa Roque is the owner of Glocal Ericeira, an online business that aims to manage local accommodations in the municipality of Mafra. Although she is currently 32 years old, she started this business when she was only 27 years old and one of the struggles was being taken seriously, and not being treated like a little girl.

Francisco Buendia - Melboss Music

Francisco Buendia is the CEO & Co-Founder of Melboss Music (, a company whose mission is to be the technological engine of the Music Industry providing insights for any artist in the world to reach their maximum potential by optimising available streaming resources and social platforms. 

Sabrina Pierotti - Nero Cumino Gioielli 

Sabrina created "Nero Cumino", an e-commerce selling jewellery made with botanical elements, created by her. In this interview, she gives an overview of the main issues Italian artisans have to face to open an online business and what are her expectations for the future of her business.

Lucjia Boric - Student & Entrepreneur

Lucjia, from Croatia moved to Barcelona when she was 19 years old and decided to start her own online e-commerce.

Philippe - Digital Marketing Company Röma 

Philipp is Austria and is currently studying. Apart from that, he works for Röma. This is a relatively new company that focuses entirely on digital marketing. He talks about obstacles and more. Give it a listen.

Sofia Sonno - Founder of Me The Future

Sofia, from Italy, is the Founder of "Me The Future", a start-up addressing the training of young women in digital marketing and communication, as well as personal branding.

Yiannis - Octopus Capital company 

Although Yianni's bachelor study was in Criminal Investigation, his life passion in business since young age, has directed him to undertake a MSc Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Under his Octopus Capital company which invests in startups, with an industry and geography agnostic approach, but with business specific criteria.

Inês - Psychologist and Sexologistilles Babinet 

Inês Melo is a young psychologist-sexologist and digital entrepreneur. Digital platforms have allowed her to be invited to several major events and helped her promote her work and services, and raise her voice in favour of different important causes.

Gilles Babinet - Entrepreneur

Gilles Babinet is a French self-taught senior entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience setting up start-ups. He worked in building construction, industrial design, and specially in digital entrepreneurship.

Gunther - Austria

Gunther lives in Austria and has his own company. He has not only knowledge but also experience in the field of digital marketing, which he's sharing with us in this video. Tune in!


Ivana Aresti - Artist, Designer & Art teacher

Ivana Aresti is a North Macedonian-born artist, living in Cyprus with a Fine Arts degree from England. She owns the "Oh Deer Design Studio" which is a unique and original artistry with nature at its core. Her inspiration is heritage ideas in motives and patterns. The majority of products revolve around textile arts featuring a vast range of items such as cushions, bags, laptop cases, pouches, and wallets. She also collaborates with the Cyprus Museum for which she exclusively produces accessories etc. for the gift shop. In the video below, you can learn about her experiences and what obstacles she faced when started her business.

Maria - Architect / Jewelry Designer

Maria studied architect and jewerly design and she is the owner of a small jewerly business in Cyprus island, called ACTINA Jewerly. She wanted to give to people a piece of mediterranean and slower life with her jewerly. Learn on this testimonial video her story and the obstacles that she faced when wanting to start her business.


Angelica and Gabriel - Pastry Business Owners

Angelica Boechat and Gabriel Gama are two brothers from Brazil. Currently, they live in Portugal and started an online business very recently called "Brigaveiros", which is a pun between "brigadeiros" (the traditional Brazilian dessert they prepare) and "Aveiro" (the city they live in). As migrants, they face several obstacles, mainly the ones related to bureaucracy. In this video, they share their experiences and perspectives about having a digital business. You can find them on Instagram and Facebook!


Joffrey Jougon -  Founder of Tempo my Life

Joffrey is the creator of Tempo my Life: an application that allows you to discover new music through personal interaction with other users rather than an algorithm. In this testimonial video, he shares his experience from the perspective of a young person entering the world of entrepreneurship. Click here and find out more!

Cláudia - Manager of the bar JukeBox

Cláudia Casal is 50 years old and is the manager of the bar JukeBox in Aveiro, Portugal. She has owned this bar since 2015 and since it is very attended by University students, the connection with the digital world is vital!

Pau Parals, 26 years - Founder of Pokecode

Pau started his own tech company some months ago, discover his experience and get to know all the barriers he had to face as a young man when building his own business and all the tips he has for you!

Liliam Altuntas - Artist, Cake Designer & Online Trainer

Liliam is a popular Brazilian-born cake designer. She nowadays runs artistic pastry course online.
In 2013, she won the ‘Moneygram’ prize for foreign youth entrepreneurship in Italy

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The Missing Entrepreneurs Project aims to build a more inclusive culture towards digital start-ups and support the development of digital and entrepreneurship skills among vulnerable and still under-represented population groups in digital entrepreneurship such as women, immigrants, youth and seniors. Project reference number: 2020-1-FR01-KA204-080632

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