Meet our entrepreneurs!

Meet our testimonials and discover in which point of entrepreneurship they are in their business, learn from their experience and know all their advices to start your business!

Maria - Architect / Jewelry Designer

Maria studied architect and jewerly design and she is the owner of a small jewerly business in Cyprus island, called ACTINA Jewerly. She wanted to give to people a piece of mediterranean and slower life with her jewerly. Learn on this testimonial video her story and the obstacles that she faced when wanting to start her business.


Joffrey Jougon -  Founder of Tempo my Life

Joffrey is the creator of Tempo my Life: an application that allows you to discover new music through personal interaction with other users rather than an algorithm. In this testimonial video, he shares his experience from the perspective of a young person entering the world of entrepreneurship. Click here and find out more!

Pau Parals, 26 years - Founder of Pokecode

Pau started his own tech company some months ago, discover his experience and get to know all the barriers he had to face as a young man when building his own business and all the tips he has for you!