Intrapreneur & Intrapreneurship

Intrapreneur & Intrapreneurship

Do you know what is an intrapreneur? Is “an employee of a large company who is given freedom and financial support to create new products, services, systems, etc. and who does not have to follow the company’s usual routines or protocols, so it can be a manager within a company who promotes innovative product development and marketing.” In the new era and after the covid-19 pandemic, working from home and on rotation became the new trend. Although in United States of America in 1972, Jack Nilles, pioneering and researcher, made a reality the first experiment in telecommuting. In collaboration with many academics from different fields, a big insurance company went into an experimental teleworking scheme that lasted nine months. All this, 48 years before the coronavirus completed changed the work model and telecommuting entered our lives. For the record, the experiment was deemed a success for employees and employer alike.

If you are a person who tries to learn new things at work, then you have the ability to make your work more meaningful by combining it with your interests and values. As Confucius allegedly said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” In agreement, many psychological research shows that people are much more likely to enjoy their work, when asked to do something they really enjoy.

As it turns out, most organizations – especially large companies – are inundated with creative ideas that never get executed. Entrepreneurship is the process that turns these ideas into actual innovations, and when it happens in large companies, we tend to refer to it as intrapreneurship or corporate innovation. In essence, it means acting like an innovative entrepreneur, but within the ecosystem of a larger, more traditional organization. Thus, an intrapreneur tries to create an environment of innovation within large organizations and get them to think outside the box.

There are 3 types of intrapreneur:

  1. The Advocate, a person who defines the attributes of the customer and what the solution itself should look like.
  2. The Creator, a person that will give life to your idea and create the prototype solution.
  3. The Change Maker, an extrovert person, self-confident and a great networker.

So, anyone can become an intrapreneur, because all the skills that you need can be learned. Intrapreneurship allows you to systematically listen to people’s needs, goals, pains and frustrations, to innovate and prioritize based on strategy, risk and market opportunity, and to successfully launch new products and services.

In short, you need to find a way to be kind and do good to others and then your work will become much more meaningful and enjoyable. Ultimately, all entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs act like this for the same reason, they want to improve the world and promote progress, and you can do the same through your daily work.