First Face to Face TPM in Foligno, Italy!🙌🏼

First Face to Face TPM in Foligno, Italy!🙌🏼

Finally, the time has come. The project team has now met face to face for a meeting after an intense time of pandemic. All project partners gathered together in Italy to define the agenda and the next project steps in the beautiful city of Foligno.

Preparations for the platform are currently underway. Translations for the learning materials are being added diligently to the platform. During the meeting, there was also a training on the design and implementation of badges. It is intended that the platform will provide learners with opportunities for interactivity. As an introduction, custom videos for each training path were put together to give a sneak peek of the diverse tools available. There are so many possibilities on the internet to use and apply Digital Tools within different processes. Often, one lacks the idea of how to use such tools. On this platform there are not only examples, but also the opportunity to exchange ideas with other users in a closed forum.

Slowly we are reaching the finalization of the platform and will also test the whole functionality with the given groups of people (seniors; migrant; woman, youth) and get their feedback so it can be integrated into the improvement of the platform. At the same time interviews will take place with people who share their first experiences related to digital entrepreneurship and give some insight into their personal experiences. The first teaser will be published on Facebook and LinkedIn in June. Stay tuned.

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